Андроид шаблон для джумла

Cool? :)Download Free template and EF4 framework to check how easy the customization may be!Enjoy!PS. In case any problems or find a bug or want to send us your opinion, please contact us here.NOTEEF4 plugin must be installed to make the template work correctly! Демо шаблона Хотите создать сайт с приложениями для мобильных телефонов Android или iPhone? Depends on screensize of mobile device (iPhone,Samsung, Tablets etc..) the layout changes and let your visitors to view the website better and user-friendly. JAmp is a powerful plugin for Joomla! that lets you generate the AMP version of your website pages to be indexed by Google automatically through meta tag submission, it integrates with every Joomla! extension and it’s highly customizable! You can easily add your own module layouts.

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