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Every element with the class fragment will be stepped through before moving on to the next slide. Lazy loading means that reveal.js will only load content for the few slides nearest to the current slide. Specify index and/or length to enable enumeration helpers. context.rebase(head) Returns a new context instance consisting only of the value at head, plus any previously defined global object. context.current() Returns the head of the context stack. Видеокурс JavaScript Шаблоны станет отличным дополнением к курсам JavaScript Essential и Advanced. Вы узнаете о шаблонах проектирования на JavaScript, что существенно облегчает Вам работу. Вы уверенны что хотите закончить тест? The following instructions will set up such a server as well as all of the development tasks needed to make edits to the reveal.js source code.

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